01-1 The Pink Roses.mp3

01-2 The Blue Sky.mp3

01-3 The Yellow Chick.mp3

01-4 The Purple Pansies.mp3

01-5 The Green Tree.mp3

01-6 The Red Tulip.mp3

01-7 The Black Horse.mp3

02-1 What is a friend.mp3

02-2 You and your friends will share.mp3

02-3 We try not to hurt our friends.mp3

02-4 How do you want to play with your friends.mp3

02-5 Who can be your friend.mp3

03-1 Nature is beautiful.mp3

03-2 The sun rises in the morning.mp3

03-3 A full moon, a half moon, and a crescent.mp3

03-4 Twinkle, twinkle, little star.mp3

03-5 Rain cleans houses.mp3

03-6 The wind cools us.mp3

03-7 What's in the sea.mp3

04-1 I feel joy when I think about you.mp3

04-2 I can see…….mp3

04-3 When you sing, mommy will sing.mp3

04-4 We share lots of things.mp3

04-5 What a happy day!.mp3

04-6 7 days 24 hours, Thanks for.mp3

05-1 Opposites.mp3

05-2 Big and little.mp3

05-3 Happy and Sad.mp3

05-4 Tall and Short.mp3

05-5 High and Low.mp3

05-6 Bright and Dark.mp3

05-7 In and Out.mp3

06-1 Doctors cure sick people.mp3

06-2 Farmers grow vegetables.mp3

06-3 Police officers protect people.mp3

06-4 Firefighters put out fires.mp3

06-5 Some artists paint pictures.mp3

06-6 Chefs cook food.mp3

06-7 Musicians make music.mp3

07-1 Baby is sleeping.mp3

07-2 Mozart's Lullaby.mp3

07-3 Brahms’ Lullaby.mp3

07-4 Hush, Little Baby.mp3

07-5 Is that my baby sleeping inside me.mp3

07-6 Rock-a-bye Baby.mp3

08-1 The most precious thing.mp3

08-2 My baby, you are my life.mp3

08-3 You work magic on me.mp3

08-4 I love you so much, my baby!.mp3

08-5 What you've brought is a miracle.mp3

08-6 You're the reason.mp3

09-1 Food is important.mp3

09-2 I'll tell you a yummy story.mp3

09-3 Shall we try these food.mp3

09-4 Water is life.mp3

09-5 When animals are hungry.mp3

10-1 Animals' Movements.mp3

10-2 S-animals are busy doing their work.mp3

10-3 Here are birds.mp3

10-4 Fish live in the pond.mp3

10-5 In the jungle.mp3

10-6 In the mountain.mp3