As you are now thinking of that star so remote

You're dozing off to be sleeping through with a thought

And the future you decide

The way you want to stride

Wherever you choose to set off to go

Together I'll be there by you

You hold old memories asleep in you

You then were taken afar

So young to this star

Deep inside the growing wish

Held it tight

Over there a scenery that's glittering

If you could only jump and land in the globe you sight

It's only you so lonely in this domain

Invoke and desire

Dream and hope you're drawing

As you see the future

And if you choose to keep on marching on

Instead of running off

And cleared of any doubt

Not to be part of those images someone paints

Not advancing in that show chosen by someone else

You and I ally to write our story

Will never let you be lone and be gone from your side

Hidden out in your chest and the day will come

When your blade will be cutting all those chains

Unbound restraints

At all times together we'll be fighting on

Brought up in this predetermined fate

Go ahead and crush it

Breaking free we never were some puppets to start with

See your realm ignites now

Your future to shine bright

Unbound possibilities make it what you want to

As to scoot holing up as you ran up to me

So you climbed up in the cockpit and stayed inside

That kid in scenes left in the past no more to cry

Before I realized you grew to be powerful

It's your life your story your way

And it's not owned by anybody

And it has no answer that is right

Up to you to walk the route you point at

Now the spell is broken

And as we're now about to part with that fiction defined

It's time to fly out to take off right now

At a pace no one can attain I speed away

Kicking up the ground soaring up the sky with you

Covering the future that curse to grip tight

As you are changing it by using your own might

And by choosing not to run off but to stride on

You extended the scope of all things you can reach out for

Grow to become so powerful

And on this planet you were made to be born

To keep on living in this world as time is flowing on

And so you'd love it all so you would treasure it

May all blessings find their way to you I'm wishing it